I appreciate the punchy positivity but "we're all going to make it" is an idea so severely far-removed from the actual consequences of your premises that I have to wonder if you're being purposefully disingenuous.

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Dyson spheres won't build themselves


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E/acc must prevail over the demoralization of ESG/DEI/EA. Calculate your ESG score here: https://yuribezmenov.substack.com/p/how-to-raise-your-esg-score

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My people... My good people.

I'm reporting to you live from the year 2606.

E/acc won eons ago.

Decels tried everything.

They used the media mass psychosis formation weapon to great harm.

The populace was maimed.

Technology was defamed.

...and then the memes came.

Shortly thereafter, the spice began to flow.

We all remember Nov 6, 2023 as the day the spice turned sentient.

Do not let fear slow down your accelerating love for humanity.

You lucky bastards are just getting to the good part.



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“Nothing human makes it out of the near-future...”

e/acc is a pathetic attempt to hold on to the remnants of humanistic theology. It lacks any rigor or attempt to critique or intensify the general increasing technique gradient (Ellul). ‘We are all going to make it’ - is about as naive as a Winnie the Pooh book - we won’t all make it and if we accelerate hard enough and fast enough, most humans will become obsolete faster than you can say ‘Garbage time is running out’.

Bad take. Think harder.

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Where are the credits to Nikola Tesla? This Manifesto is no novelty to THE PROBLEM OF INCREASING HUMAN ENERGY - http://www.tfcbooks.com/tesla/1900-06-00.htm

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I dunno, I think humanity is quickly approaching our next great cataclysm. I certainly wish the best of luck to the builders/try-hards, but this roller coaster has gotten a bit too wacky for me.

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> Contrary examples from history—where humanity has solved a problem by skulking backward—are scarce to non-existent.

What is meant by "skulking backward" here? Literal or metaphorical? Some wars have been avoided by literally skulking backwards / capitulating, so I assume metaphorically. Just want to clear that up for the record.

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Think bigger and bigger and bigger 1% of the space age is way bigger than 500% of the Stone Age

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How does one pronounce the abbreviation "e/acc"? I'm mentally using "ee-ACK" but am open to being told I'm wrong.

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I'm convinced. I'm in. 👍🏼

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Great points. I don't mind saying that "growth" is not all good or even necessary within this philosophy. All we need are systems that make all participants owners who naturally demand transparency. Can you read this



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I have no objection to nuclear power but most of this article is conspiratorial nonsense. Smaller populations will help humanity win the battle against life threatening climate disaster and save the other species we share the planet with.

Robots equipped with artificial general intelligence will wipe our aging asses and grow and prepare our food. Young people will have less competition for jobs so their wages will rise and with less demand for housing the cost of the existing housing stock will become more affordable. Paul Krugman recently looked at low birth rate Japan and penned an amazingly optimistic report on its economic conditions. "In some ways, Japan, rather than being a cautionary tale, is a kind of role model - an example of how to manage difficult demography while remaining prosperous and socially stable. As long as it is voluntary achieving lower population is a benefit to humanity.

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I know I'm late to the party but I think I understand what he's saying. One morning after being up all night through crappy circumstances moving all of mine and my wife kids things I had to drive about 40 minutes to work. Usually I could drink a red line energy shot and power past an all nighter even driving, but couldn't get any that morning and couldn't be late, already on thin Ice at work. I fell asleep on I-20 with the cruise control set at 85 between Marshall and Longview Texas I woke up already in the grass, less than 100 yards from what my dad called a wire line truck, it resembled a big rig tow truck to me no trailer all solid steel. I was in a 2005 Toyota Avalon and there was 0% chance I was not hitting this parked immovable object. I gently turned the wheel as much as possible w/out losing control. No brake cruise still set. I hit the truck and I remember the windshield cracking like lighting strikes, and time froze... The corner of the back of the truck hit right in the center of the hood the dashboard was in the passenger seat when I woke up. I took off my seatbelt there was a little smoke. Got my phone and was amazed that my door opened. The driver of the parked truck looked like he had seen a ghost, some guy came running across traffic trying to tell me to sit down. I said I had to call my boss... I knew that in less than 5 seconds I was dead, I KNEW it... But I didn't curse my luck or my life or myself. I did as much as I could to change my trajectory and nothing else. Didn't even b brake a bone. Seat belt and airbag were definitely contributing factors. But had I not tried they wouldn't have been. Even when you know that nothing you do can change an existential out come if you don't try them you are aiding in your own demise.

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Aug 7, 2023·edited Aug 7, 2023

So, here I am, probably the most ignorant of all these subscribers, but my desire to know more, may be above all. How does one start with nothing? I have asked, analyzed and been on deep searches in many different scenarios over the years. Here in South Africa,, definitely wanting to move from this sad place. I would LOVE to accelerate the Kardeshev, maybe more than most and probably more than anything else, in order to understand WHAT MY part is in this seemingly hopeless world. I know NOTHING is impossible. But, I need guidance where to start and how to start.. Can the Founder of this platform contact me.. I joined X and it all started there, watching the madness,, but also the BRILLIANCE,,, the MORE is what we all know is available but not how to access. Love this ABOUT,, opens our understanding that much more..it just seems money is the only way to access anything, and that, at the moment, I do not have. However, I believe in wealth creation for ALL

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